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By Norbert Kox


Symmetrical Artistic Process:
Many of the images in this exhibit [
DEEP WATERS: GLORY AND SHAME] have been "created" through a new image revealing process which I call "spontaneous symmetrical surrealism." It is a visual response to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, having the elements of both light and darkness. It is a process, which I discovered as the result of my investigation and constant search of the Bible Codes (Torah Codes).

One of the keys to the Bible Code is symmetry. Symmetry is a key to unlocking the mysteries of God. The most powerful and impressive code matrixes in the Bible often have several symmetrical features. The awareness of symmetry is important in searching for and on unlocking the inner codes, which are the second witness, the Bible within the Bible.

My research of the symmetrical aspects and tendencies of the spoken (English) language (1980-1983) which I termed "hypostrephonic echo" [now called Reverse Speech, by other researchers] has carried over into my research of the symmetrical aspects and tendencies of the written languages as related to the Hebrew Language and the Bible code (1997-2001). This has led to my recent discovery of spontaneous symmetrical surrealism (February 2001). These new symmetrical pictures that I have stumbled upon are created through a very spontaneous process in which they almost create themselves, or should I say reveal themselves. They seem to already exist, and through a process of exploration I am discovering a key to open the portal to these magnificent visual displays which are present all around us every day of our lives. Our natural eyes just do not allow us to see them but nonetheless they are right in front of us at all times. The intricate sometimes very complex designs and patterns are reflections and enhancements of nature itself. God's inkblot, if you please.

In certain cases I have combined two photographs to make one picture. In other works I have added elements from some of my previous paintings. In some pieces only a portion of the painting has been interpreted symmetrically. But, in the many cases of the extremely symmetrical patterns nothing is added (save possible text). I do not create or invent these images as with typical image making.

I feel led to photograph certain things which others would probably overlook. In these photographs I see things which lead me to open them up, so to speak. The investigation of these elements initiates a process of revelation which grows like a flower. This process can reveal literally hundreds of different images from a single snapshot. Each image is a unique picture which is simply a magnification of God's wonderful creation.

This process involves seeing symmetrically, as if everything has a mirrored reflection, like an inkblot. The image changes as the mirror is moved about within it. The resulting image is then passed through the color spectrum at various levels of contrast and brightness. Thus each image that is discovered is a revelation of pre-existing elements, and not a creation or invention of an imaginative mind. What it does take is an intuitive mind to unlock the images. The artist becomes a pioneer penetrating a new frontier. He is the scout; to go forth exploring the outer realms and to bring back the report of what he sees.

Spontaneous symmetrical surrealism appears to hinge the duality of good and evil, glory and shame. It is a folding and mirroring of the universe into an infinite series of magnificent unearthly inkblots waiting to be deciphered.

I am not always sure how to literally interpret these images. Usually my artwork has a very specific message, often in the form of a warning, which is clear to me and intentionally placed there as a didactic reference. This new symmetrical series seems to be much more obscure. It is hard to tell whether the works are representing good or evil. Evidently because both aspects are present, as they are in everyday life. God is light. Yesu Christ is the light of the world. But, also remember, Satan appears (disguises/masquerades) as an angel of light.

Artist's Statement: Spontaneous Symmetrical Surrealism:
"With this process images beyond the artist's control appear in the work. They are not placed there by the artist, but discovered. The images are revealed through completely natural means. There is no automatic writing, no trance state, nor spirit medium. In a sense, it is just like turning over a stone to see what is on the other side. Whatever you find, good or evil, it was there before you turned the stone. If you see something disturbing you wonder if you should turn over any more stones. Turning over these images is actually a little bit scary. Like, where are these pictures coming from. How do these things exist on so many different levels? And should we keep moving into these new areas? Are we actually eating the forbidden fruit? Perhaps we begin to eat of it the moment we are born, and we can not stop." ­Norbert Kox

The concept of "Deep Waters: Glory and Shame" is derived from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (and tree of life) being the book of knowledge of good and evil (and the book of life) i.e. the Bible. Open the Word and see good and evil, light and dark. Scripturally, deep water is an analogy to the WORD. Open the Word and see life and death, good and evil, glory and shame.

The images were originally captured on a toy digital camera, then manipulated on a computer, being passed back and forth between several paint programs, and then printed as digital Ink jet images and sealed with acrylic polymer emulsion. Details and color enhancements were added and reinforced with acrylic paint, which received a final seal coat of Golden Polymer Varnish with Ultraviolet Light Stabilizers.

The above is referenced from, Deep Waters Glory and Shame, at Dilettante Press.

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